Other medical exams that everyone should do

Prevention has always been the best way to stay healthy and heal better !.
November 21, 2012, zdrave.bg

… – While we are still young to avoid risk. The doctor will recommend what to do if something goes wrong results.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is growing like an avalanche threat, especially type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity and eating habits mostly unhealthy foods. Studies of blood sugar and fast, and easy – there are now quite affordable blood glucose meters – devices for self-measurement of this parameter. People who are not exposed to the risk, you still have to do this study at least once every two years, usually as part of a complete blood count.

4. Eye Review

While it is not usual to start developing serious eye problems such as glaucoma at an early age, it is still very important to go to a review at least every two years. If you already wear glasses, it is possible that our vision has deteriorated, which may require prescription glasses for new diopters.

If we do not wear glasses, but a lot of computer work, perhaps also we will need a similar prescription. At least one checkup at the doctor will tell us what to do to prevent the development of eye problems.

5. Dental review

While it is not necessary to go to a dental examination each year is good to do checkup at least once every two years, even if there is nothing that bothers us even now and to keep impeccable oral hygiene.

Caries usually develop slowly and for a long time, but if you catch them in the very initial stage, may not need expensive and painful interventions for treatment later. Furthermore things like bacterial plaque and its advanced form – tartar can form in places that are not easily visible and we can not reach properly with a toothbrush or thread. Plaque can lead to the development of gingivitis and more serious problems, so it is advisable to get to its elimination time.